About US

Matahari Raya Kimiatama was founded by Alie Santosa since 1995. Until 1999, PT. Matahari Raya Kimiatama was located at Pekojan – West Jakarta, and was moved at Gatot Subroto KM. 4 Komplek Pusat Niaga Cibodas – Tangerang. PT. Matahari Raya Kimiatama has run the business for more than 20 years and has a subsidiary named PT. Matahari Prima Chemindo which established on 2007.

Matahari Raya Kimiatama is a national private enterprise which covers the supply and distribution of chemical raw materials (locally or import) for food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and other industry. Our major customers include Foreign Investment Company (FIC), State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and private companies nationwide.

As the time goes on, PT Matahari Raya Kimiatama grows and develops with certainty, due to the trust and the opportunity provided by the customer as well as the support from the principal party who guarantee the quality and continuity of goods.

Beside, we are also supported by our reliable marketing team and have a good information network of customer needs as well as personnel staffs and employees who work in professional is a valuable asset for the enterprise, hence, to improve the ability and expertis of each of them equipped with appropriate training and practice.


Being a national private enterprise, independent and reliable so as to face global competition.


  • Working hard to be the best enterprise
  • Emphasizing the quality and service
  • Provide competitive price and good time delivery
  • Build a partnership of mutual support and benefit
  • Optimize superior human resources and information technology
  • As a place of pride for the work and achievement



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